Anonymous asked:
I used my phone and I could see your face very well! Haahaha you're funny, I want to get to know you.

Well, feel free to ask me anything - I am always willing to draw things for people and don’t mind answering questions about most things

Anonymous asked:
You're so fucking cute omg. Is that you in your icon? <3.

Yes, it is - and thank you. How can you even see my face in that?

Here’s a better interpretation of who I am, by the way. The icon picture makes it seem as if I was cool. 


I made up some Pokemon today

So here’s what I ended up with after making random shapes and trying to make them something:

So this some sort of rhinoceros with a jet for an ass. 

This is a dog with long legs and is probably electric. I don’t know shit about Pokemon, but bare with me. 

This isn’t really a Pokemon, but fuck it. The people who make up Pokemon have run out of ideas so I am trying to make that abundantly clear here by poking fun at that. This is a wrestling man. He is round. End of story.

Okay. So here we are. I wanted to make a bird that was always surprised so it was ultimately a stupid Pokemon. However, I made this. It sees fucking everything. I don’t know what I’ve done. I was just trying to make a cute Pokemon.

I don’t know

What I’ve made. 

I was gunna take notes, but I drew a smoking, lounging rat instead.

Yes for Scottish Independence

Boris, The Dog