Drawing with Flightlesssbirdd

Here you go, Anonymous. It’s weirder than my other stuff, but you wanted it, so… this is it, kind of. I might do a smaller simpler one that is more like the one I made on the wall, though.

Anonymous asked:
Because End is nigh guy needs to be on a poster!

Alright for sure, I’ll do it this weekend

Crystal Springs - San Carlos/Redwood City CA - The way home from school.

Anonymous asked:
Draw your girlfriend please

I will TRY, but it’s hard for me to draw her because I feel like when I do it doesn’t appropriately represent her. But again, I will try. 

Anonymous asked:
Draw End is nigh guy on a giant posterboard or something

For sure, two things though:

1) What do you want him doing? 

2) Why a poster board?